About Us

Hello and welcome all you moviemaniacs; film lovers and filmmakers alike. Welcome to SonderBlu!

We are a community, specifically created for you. Here, we love to literally celebrate movies by making, sharing, watching, reviewing, and discussing them.

You’ll enjoy curating your own collaborative streaming experience with your family and friends for smart tv, Ios, android, and the web, and sharing your thoughts on the latest movies in your video reviews, engaging with movie makers, discussing movie plots, characters, actors, writers, and directors and much more.

All of you moviemaniacs are going to love experiencing movies the SonderBlu way.

SonderBlu is here for all filmmakers and film lovers. Period. If you are a filmmaker, what matters most to us is that you are passionate for the art of filmmaking. We are the place to share your talent and your unique voice. We truly believe there is an audience waiting for all kinds of voices whether its mainstream, women, LGBTQ, people of color, and any voice screaming to be heard.

On SonderBlu, you will find an extensive range of movie genres that includes:

All of you moviemaniacs are going to love experiencing movies the SonderBlu way. • Action • Action • Mystery • Adventure • Action • Noir • Animation • Action • Romance • Art House • Action • Satire • Biographical • Action • Science Fiction • Comedy • Action • Slasher • Crime • Action • Thriller

For filmmakers, we are the best place to tap into your potential audience, get valuable feedback on your latest project, and grow your movies fanbase. We all know that making the movie is only part of the movie makers challenge, you also need to drive the audience to see it, and that is where SonderBlu comes in. This is the place to build and nurture your movie’s fandom.

We are a community made by film lovers and makers, for film lovers and makers and we are only as strong as our members. So please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions to make your community even better.

Be a Happy moviemaniac,

The SonderBlu Team